YES Resort


At YES Resort US we find that joblessness or inadequate jobs are the leading causes of unhappiness in USLand today.  Find meaning and motivation in our wide selection of jobs.

Our Pledge

To create world class jobcation experiences and vibrant tomorrows for everyone. 

YES Machinist

A YES Machinist produces YESSES  and promotes positivity on a lawn square


Well-being Responsibility

Earn your keep and keep the world a better place

Jobs are the leading cause of success and happiness in America. Studies show that a good job can improve your quality of life, but did you know that your job can improve life for everyone?



YES Resort Atlantic, New Jersey
Have good, clean, productive fun in new Jersey’s revitalized resort city.

YES Resort Center, Florida (in development)
Soon you can take your jobcation at the geographic center of Florida.




Take our JOB quiz to discover your YES dream!

  • YES Technician
    The YES Technician is a specialist
  • YES Machinist
  • YES Machine Technician
  • YES Ambassador
  • YES Director
  • Wellness Director
  • Square Coordinator
  • And more! 



Learn about the MAYBE Leadership Program for emerging YESSERS. We offer opportunities for youth to learn about the job force and preview new YES Resort products and services.


Accommodations and Amenities

With advanced technology and innovative data analysis, we find unique and simple solutions for job longing.  

  • Orientation and Job Training
  • Private Rooms and Entrances
  • Personal Lawn Squares
  • Medication Delivery
  • Motivational Equipment
  • Innovative Retro Chic Design




Order the YES Resort Spring Catalogue to see more products! Preview here or shop available products now.


Contact a YES Representative to book your jobcation now!

Call (202) 670-3890 or fill out the inquiry form below.  A YES Representative will contact you to book your jobcation. 

If you have already taken the YES Eligibility Quiz with a YES Ambassador, please include the Eligibility quiz number in your inquiry and a YES Representative will contact you with your exclusive jobcation offer.

Say YES to this opportunity to live and WORK in the new golden era.

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