Life on an Island

Life on an Island, 2019

Works created in residency on Governors Island, NY as a part of “Life on an Island / CYCLE 3 \ s.o.s.”, a group exhibition featuring work by eight MFA Fine Arts alumni and one artist collective, curated by MFA Fine Arts faculty member, staff member and alumnus Alison Kuo.  These works explore disposable plastic culture, while considering the vulnerability of our environment.

Born to be Bored

Born to be Bored, 2018

“Born to be Bored” responds satirically to an ever increasing boring experienced by modern society; a hole, an emptying, a longing.  It is a negotiation of nostalgic and sterile definitions of ‘American-ness’ as they relate to the current socio-political climate.  Whether looking backward or forward, “Born to be Bored” encourages a look around, a look through; a time for reflection on how we as individuals and as a society affect each other and our environments.


Video documentation of “Valencia,” a site-specific installation, Metal pipe, metal grate, metal scraps, plastic bags, approx. 7 x 4 ft

YES Resort

Visit the YES Resort today!

A job resort in a near future reality of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The revitalized city looks to  progressive values such as sustainability and economic empowerment to promote productive fun.  At the YES Resort, jobs are the respite that the many unemployed or underemployed citizens of US Land seek.  The resort feeds on collective sentiments of nostalgia for a “golden age”, but has exacerbated isolation in the name of specificity and individualism.  

objects for an artificial space

objects for an artificial space, 2017

“Objects for an artificial space” brings objects and ideas from Filipino-american cultural and religious rituals to the ever-growing spaces of the religiously unaffiliated, called “nones,”. Decontextualized, remixed, and fragile, these objects and ideas negotiate cultural hybridity.

world of the thingamabobs

world of the thingamabobs, 2014

In “world of the thingamabobs,” trash and found materials are playfully transformed into dark creatures of a fantastical space.



Hole in the Wall Intervention (studio installation), 2018, plastic butter compartment door, plywood, drywall, flashlight, Styrofoam, plastic fern, clothespins, thumbtack, frog tape, motor, Arduino, battery, dimensions variable



Regina Viqueira is a NJ based artist and educator with a background in non-profit development and community engagement.  Often utilizing found, recycled, and reused materials, her multi-disciplinary art and social practice embraces considerations of access, consumerism, and environment, while also addressing hybridity and how systemic and cultural behaviors are passed over time and space. Viqueira holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and a BA in Studio Art and Peace and Conflict Studies from the College of the Holy Cross. She has exhibited work at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC, El Museo del Barrio in New York City, and PULSE Art Fair in Miami, among other spaces.

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